Windy Hills

Flying into 2025/2026

BIG NEWS...Windy Hills is getting a huge upgrade. 
Construction will begin in the 2024/2025 school year and take one full year.   During that year, Windy Hills will hold school at Buffalo Hills.  It will be an experience the kids will not forget.  In 2025/2026, we will move into our brand new school building pictured above.  We can't wait.
Windy Hills Elementary is a K-5 elementary school located at 4211 20th Avenue. We are the home of the Wildcats and have an average enrollment of 260 students per year. Windy Hills was built in 1980 and currently has 2 sections of each grade level.  
In 2024, Windy Hills was recognized by US World Report as a top elementary school in the state of Nebraska.
Windy Hills is dedicated to creating a safe learning environment where our students can succeed. We value hard work, kindness, and a focus on academic achievement. In addition, our Wildcats are community-focused and civic-minded. Our motto is to do things the Wildcat Way...We are caring, we are accountable, we are team players, and we are safe. 
While Windy Hills is a small neighborhood school, we strive to put our mark on the world! Our students have many opportunities to develop key learning skills in literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, and the arts. Weekly, our Wildcats participate in PE, Music, Art, Library Media, and Social-Emotional lessons. MakerSpace and STEM activities are available to all students too. Learning does not just happen within the four walls of the classroom at Windy Hills. Our students extend their learning through field trips, assemblies, and guest speakers. 
We believe in our Windy Hills Community and welcome visitors and volunteers throughout the school year. Junior Achievement, UNK tutors, and parent volunteers are all welcome in our school. Partnering with these outside supports ensures our Wildcats are set up for success, both academically and socially. We are Wildcats, hear us ROAR!