Welcome to the Windy Hills Elementary PTO!


Our Mission:

At Windy Hills Elementary, the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) plays a vital role in fostering collaboration between parents, teachers, and the school community to enhance the educational experience for every child. Our mission is to promote open and positive communication, maximize educational and extra curricular opportunities, and contribute to the overall success of our students.

What We Do:

The Windy Hills PTO serves as a dedicated advisory committee, actively participating in decision-making processes that impact the school and community. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, addressing programs and interests that enrich the lives of our students and their families.

Roles of the Windy Hills PTO:

  • Fundraising and Extra-Curricular Programs: We advise, recommend, and facilitate fundraising initiatives and extra-curricular programs that directly benefit students and staff. These efforts help us provide valuable resources and experiences that enhance the educational journey.
  • Knowledge and Expertise: The PTO brings outside knowledge and expertise to support school staff and leadership. By tapping into a diverse range of perspectives, we aim to contribute innovative ideas and solutions to further enrich the learning environment.
  • Facilitating School Work: Our role is to create a climate of consensus, ensuring a collaborative relationship between the school and the community. We work to maintain the integrity of this crucial link, fostering an environment where everyone is invested in the success of Windy Hills Elementary.

Get Involved:

We believe that the strength of our PTO lies in the active participation of parents and guardians. Join us for our regular meetings held on the second Monday every other month, where you can contribute ideas, share your concerns, and connect with other members of our community. All parents/guardians of Windy Hills students are encouraged to attend and engage with PTO activities.

Meet Our Leadership Team:

  • Co-Presidents: Alicia Bauer and Tara Hoppe
  • Vice President: Riley Moncrief
  • Treasurer: Shawna Bowman
  • Secretary: Nicole Langrud

Your Windy Hills PTO is committed to creating an exciting and enriching educational experience for every child. Together, let's build a stronger community and support the growth and success of Windy Hills Elementary School!

April PTO Minutes



 Alicia Bauer and Tara Hoppe

Vice President:

 Riley Moncrief



 Shawna Bowman



 Nicole Langrud