Library/Media Class:

Windy Hills students have library class once per week.  Students learn about technology, digital citizenship and literature in library class, as well as have the opportunity to check out books.  


Book Checkout Procedures:

In addition to students' weekly visit to the library, books may be checked out on an as-needed basis.  Your classroom teacher will let you know of other appropriate times to come check out a book if you are ready to return a book in exchange for a new one.  


  • Kindergarten and 1st grade students may have two books checked out at a time. 
  • 2nd grade students may have three books checked out at a time.
  • 3rd grade may have three or four books at a time
  • 4th grade  and 5th grade may have a maximum of five books checkout out at a time. 
  • All books should be returned within 1 week of being checked out, primarily on the students' assigned library day. Chapter books may be kept for 2 weeks and must be renewed if students need additional time to finish the book. 
  • If a student forgets to bring books on library day he/she will simply checkout the following day at a time that works for his/her classroom teacher. 
  • Overdue book notices will be sent home 1 week after the original due date.  Please contact the library if you have any questions about missing or overdue books.